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Do This One Thing in Healthcare Training Class

Getting to know your classmates in healthcare training class can help you get ahead now and in the future.


Your classmates are just like you.

Their goal is the same as yours.

All of you have gone back to school to train for a new career.

Getting to know your classmates can build a sense of classroom community where every student is supporting and learning from each other, and also have the potential to help everyone while working in healthcare.

Benefits of Getting to Know Your Classmates in Healthcare Training Class

What are the benefits of getting to know your classmates?

Let’s find out.

You’re Developing Professional Working Relationships

During your clinical training, you’ll be learning and practicing healthcare procedures and techniques.

It’s the first stage in gaining hands-on, healthcare experience.

It’s also an ideal opportunity for you to start developing the level of professionalism you’ll need as a healthcare worker.

When you’re in healthcare training class labs, such as performing blood draws or taking blood pressure, think about how you’re interacting with your classmates.

Are you behaving with your classmates in the same way as you would if they were your working colleagues? Are you helpful, collaborative, and considerate?

Getting to know your classmates, and being aware of how you interact with them, can prepare you for when you’re hired at your first healthcare job.

You’ll find you’re developing the kind of work professionalism you’ll need to be a healthcare worker who is appreciated and respected by their colleagues.

You’re Able to Learn from Each Other

Getting to know your classmates allows for an opportunity to learn from each other.

One example of this would be setting up a study group with your classmates.

In a study group you’ll get new perspectives on what’s being taught in class. You’ll pick up on things you might’ve missed your instructor teaching. Studying with your classmates also takes the pressure off learning alone.

Although some people learn best on their own, does starting a study group with your classmates (or joining an existing group) sound like a good idea to you?

You’re Making Connections That Can Help You Later

Building positive, working relationships with your classmates can be beneficial later on in your healthcare career.

Imagine you’re looking to work in a different part of healthcare or a different healthcare facility. Classmates that you get to know while at school may be in a position to let you know about an interesting, vacant healthcare job in the future.

The good relationships you develop with classmates can also potentially help you when you’re starting a new healthcare job. For instance, a past classmate may be in a position to mentor you in a new job making a new workplace transition easier for you.

Remember too – you could be in the position to do the same things for one of your past classmates.

Making It a Win-Win Situation

The first day of healthcare training class will be a big day for you. But your time at school is a shared experience. You and your classmates are all in this together. And getting to know each other can be a beneficial experience for everyone.

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