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Phlebotomy Refresher Course

BAMA Institute takes a very personalized approach to our student’s education. That includes individuals who come to us with work experience that can potentially translate into faster training. If you’ve worked as a limited phlebotomist, let your certification lapse, or want to update any foreign skills you have, our phlebotomy refresher course may be the right option for you.

Who is the Phlebotomy Refresher Course For?

Your experience can accelerate your training at BAMA Institute. While our students come from a wide range of backgrounds, those who take the phlebotomy refresher course typically come to us for one of three reasons:

Career Reentry

If you’ve previously held a California Certified Phlebotomy Technician License (CPT-1) but let it lapse, our refresher course can help you update your skills and recertify.

Certification Preparation

If you currently hold a Limited Phlebotomy Technician License (LPT) for work, our program can prepare you to pass the certification exam and take your license to the next level.

Foreign-Trained Medical Professionals

Your overseas medical experience can be the perfect starting point for becoming a licensed California phlebotomist. Foreign doctors, nurses, and medical assistants have all benefited from our program.

Our students also include out-of-state phlebotomists who have moved to CA and, although they may be nationally qualified, need to be CA licensed with the CPT-1 to practice phlebotomy for their employer.

BAMA Institute’s Refresher Course Details

BAMA Institute offers a full phlebotomy training course that covers every requirement necessary for applying to and passing the phlebotomy certification exam through the National Center for Competency Testing. The curriculum for this course covers: 

  • Basic anatomy and physiology with emphasis on the circulatory system

  • Introduction to specimen collection

  • Risk factors and complications

  • Quality assurance in specimen collection

  • Professional behavior and responsibilities in patient care settings

  • Phlebotomy equipment and techniques

  • Performing venipunctures and skin punctures

As a refresher course student, you’ll be placed at a more advanced level in your curriculum. The specific approach that we will take for your program will depend on your unique circumstances. There’s also an externship portion that will last 40 to 160 hours, also depending on experience. This will prepare you to test for and receive your California Certified Phlebotomy Technician (CPT-1)/National Certified Phlebotomy Technician qualifications.

The duration, cost, and specific curriculum of your individualized phlebotomy refresher course will depend on the results of an evaluation conducted by an admissions representative.

Phlebotomy Refresher Course Placement Determination

Phlebotomy refresher course placement is determined on a case-by-case basis. The following process is intended to help guide us toward the right decisions about your individualized program. 


The interview is an opportunity for us to learn about your history, work background, education, and overall career goals. It’s also your opportunity to see if our community and the phlebotomy role in general are the right choices for you. 


To receive credit for work experience or foreign skills, we will need documentation which can include:

  • Lapsed or expired certificates

  • Foreign certification paperwork

  • Statements from your employer

  • Credits from other schools

  • Any verifiable documentation that proves prior phlebotomy work experience

With this information, we’ll have a better picture of how your experience aligns with our curriculum.


We will evaluate all of your documentation as well as your reported history during the interview, and possibly recommend some practice tests or skill assessments. All of this information will help us better understand which specific courses from our phlebotomy program will be a good fit for you.

Program Creation

We will create an accelerated phlebotomy program that will help you prepare for your licensing while also guiding you throughout the entire process. But our help doesn’t stop when you graduate. We have a very high placement rate for students due to our reputation for continued excellence. 

Job Placement for BAMA Graduates  

While we can’t guarantee job placement, we do work with a wide range of area employers. Many of our graduates also receive offers of full-time employment through our externships. Some prominent employers that we work with include:

Ready to Learn More?

If you’re considering returning to the phlebotomy profession or want to improve your existing skills, our phlebotomy refresher course is a great option! We’ll work closely with you to design a curriculum that updates your existing skills while our career placement services help you find a career that you’ll love.

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