Clinical Externship Placement

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Gain the experience you need to start a rewarding and fulfilling career in healthcare

Gain Real-World Healthcare Training and Experience

One of the biggest challenges to new graduates in any field is getting The First Job. It becomes a frustrating cycle of not having enough experience for the position, then not getting any experience because no one will give them a job.

BAMA Institute is committed to making sure each student graduates with enough experience and training to make them confident and sought-after employees. We work closely with many local employers who value education and appreciate the chance to give back.

Currently, BAMA Institute is placing students for clinical externships at:

  • San Francisco General Hospital
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Concentra
  • California Pacific Medical Center
  • SF City Clinic
  • San Mateo County General Hospital
  • Palo Alto Medical Foundation
  • …and many other hospitals and clinical labs!

Opening the Door to the Industry

Top employers often screen candidates for externship placement through a rigorous evaluation and interview process similar to their hiring processes. They select the students with the highest class rankings, top scores on certification exams, and outstanding practical skills. Performance in class (grades, attendance, lab skills evaluations) directly impacts chances of being placed with a top employer. 

Everyone at BAMA Institute is here to help you succeed and will work hard with you to reach the level of knowledge and expertise to transform your life.

Employers That Hire BAMA Institute Graduates

Requirements For Clinical Externship Placement
  • Updated Resume (including skills learned in class)
  • Immunization Records:
    1. MMR Documentation of recent immunization (booster) or immunity (titer) against Measles, Mumps, Rubella
    2. Varicella (Chicken Pox) Two doses or titer
    3. Two Screenings for Tuberculosis (PPD within the last 6 months or a chest x-ray within the last two years if TB positive. If you have had a positive test in the past, appropriate follow-up documentation is required, including chest x-ray report and provider’s clearance for school)
    4. Hepatitis B vaccination (Three doses or titer.) Documentation of the first vaccination of the series is typically sufficient, however some externship sites require all three
    5. TDAP (Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis) Current documentation, within the last ten years, of tetanus and diphtheria immunization, with recommended pertussis booster
    6. Seasonal Flu Vaccine
  • CPR Certification (American Heart Association BLS for Healthcare Providers)
  • Pass Medical Assistant course
  • Pass final clinical skills evaluation from your Medical Assistant instructor
  • Pass the NCCT National Exam for Phlebotomy Technician and Medical Assistant
  • Pass a drug screening (if required by the clinical externship site)

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