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Phlebotomy Externship: Gain Real-World Training and Experience

BAMA Institute students go through extensive classroom training before moving on to their phlebotomy externships.

One of the biggest challenges to new graduates in any field is getting The First Job. It becomes a frustrating cycle of not having enough experience for the position, then not getting any experience because no one will give them a job. That’s why at BAMA Institute, we provide an extensive phlebotomy externship that gives students the experience and connections they need to succeed with their CPT-1 license.

Gain Real-World Experience with a Phlebotomy Externship

Phlebotomy isn’t a skill that you can develop in a classroom alone. You need practice, practice, and more practice to become a confident phlebotomist. At BAMA Institute, we help you hone your skills through placement at some of the top area healthcare employers. With the skills you learn in our program and the real-world experience you develop as part of your externship, you’re sure to succeed in your new career.

Currently, BAMA Institute is placing students for clinical phlebotomy externships at:

  • San Francisco General Hospital

  • Kaiser Permanente

  • Concentra

  • California Pacific Medical Center

  • SF City Clinic

  • San Mateo County General Hospital

  • Palo Alto Medical Foundation

  • …and many other hospitals and clinical labs!

Gain Access to an Exciting Industry…

Top employers often screen candidates for phlebotomy externship placement through a rigorous evaluation and interview process similar to their hiring processes. They select the students with the highest class rankings, top scores on certification exams, and outstanding practical skills. Performance in class (grades, attendance, lab skills evaluations) directly impacts your chances of being placed with a top employer. 

Everyone at BAMA Institute is here to help you succeed and will work hard with you to reach the level of knowledge and expertise to transform your life.

… With an Affordable Curriculum

BAMA Institute is an accredited institution that participates in many workforce development programs, including options through The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), and the Department of Rehabilitation. Even if you don’t qualify for supplemental funding, we offer an affordable 0% interest tuition payment plan  to help you get your education and start working as a phlebotomist.

What Our Phlebotomy Technician Graduates Have to Say

“I just completed my second week as the lead lab assistant at Palo Alto Medical Center. I’ve got nothing but love for Career Services – thanks for everything.”
-Nick P.
Phlebotomy Technician Graduate
“I have good news to report. I’m now employed at Quest Diagnostics and IMS Paramed. I couldn’t have done it without Career Services and the employer spotlights you host. Thank you.”
Katherine L.
Phlebotomy Technician Graduate
“I’m so happy right now — LabCorp hired me as a phlebotomist. Thank you very much for all your help. Career Services is awesome.”
-Jovita O.
Phlebotomy Technician Graduate
“I really appreciated the opportunity to practice phlebotomy on other students, and let them practice on me. Since I graduated from BAMA, I’ve been working as a Lab Tech/Phlebotomist at the San Francisco AIDS Foundation. And in January 2017, I started nursing school at the University of San Francisco. My phlebotomy experience has definitely prepared me for my nursing career.”
-Adam Z.
Phlebotomy Technician Graduate
“BAMA was a wonderful school to work with. Very easy process to register and sign up for courses. I completed the weekend phlebotomy course at the San Francisco campus. The course was fantastic, and what I loved most about it was the knowledge my instructor had. Never did I feel nervous that I wouldn’t be able to complete the coursework asked of me. My instructor was very confident in his skills which led me to have the same confidence. Attending BAMA and taking the weekend course, I was fully prepared to dive into the world of phlebotomy. I was very well instructed and taught in all aspects of phlebotomy. Knowing and being taught, the order of draw, how to perform venipuncture, and also having the instruction available from BAMA staff to help write a resume and review my resume before sending it out to possible job prospects was fantastic. I’m currently employed with the Contract VA Clinic in Yreka, CA. I am the Lab Manager and keep all aspects of the lab running smoothly, as well as performing daily venipuncture on patients. I also work, per diem, with Fairchild Medical Center Hospital in Yreka, CA. BAMA fully prepared me to work in the healthcare field as a phlebotomist. I would recommend this academy, and frequently do so, to anyone who asks where I went to school.”
-Kiley M.
Phlebotomy Technician Graduate

Employers That Hire BAMA Institute Graduates

"We have worked with BAMA and are delighted with the talented employees we have been able to hire from their [Phlebotomy & Medical Assisting] programs. We have also been sending all of our administrative employees through the phlebotomy program at BAMA. We have chosen BAMA because of their dedication to excellence, their thorough training program, and more."
-Sidney Luu,
District Phlebotomy Manager, One Medical Group

BAMA Institute's Accreditation and Certifications

BAMA Institute provides an exceptional phlebotomy course that surpasses the necessary requirements for obtaining your CPT-1, the essential license for practicing phlebotomy in California. Our institute has played a pivotal role in advancing the industry, actively participating in the development of the first accredited phlebotomy programs for the state back in 2003.

Our commitment to excellence has garnered recognition from many agencies that uphold strict rules and regulations, prioritizing student protection. That accreditation provides a number of benefits to our students: 

  • Quality Assurance: Accreditation ensures that we maintain high-quality educational standards.

  • Approved Program: Our phlebotomy program is recognized and approved by licensing bodies. 

  • Qualified Instructors: We have experienced and knowledgeable instructors who meet the accreditation requirements.

  • Nationwide Recognition: Accreditation enhances our reputation, making our graduates recognized and valued by employers across the country.

BAMA Institute is accredited through the following prestigious organizations: 

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Accreditation and Certifications

What our graduates say

We have worked with BAMA and are delighted with the talented employees we have been able to hire from their [Phlebotomy & Medical Assisting] programs. We have also been sending all of our administrative employees through the phlebotomy program at BAMA. We have chosen BAMA because of their dedication to excellence, their thorough training program, and importantly their interest in making sure to keep service orientation as a high priority.

Sidney Luu, District Phlebotomy Manager, One Medical, One Medical (District Phlebotomy Manager

Accreditation and Certifications

California Department of Public Health
Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education

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