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EKG Technician Work After Certification

EKG Technician work involves performing electrocardiogram (EKG) tests in order to monitor and record electrical impulses transmitted by the heart.

An EKG Technician can work in physician offices, hospitals, clinics, and other health care facilities and organizations. They also work for insurance companies to establish health and life insurance policies.

After gaining EKG certification, what are some of the general duties a person can expect to perform during their entry-level EKG Technician work?

EKG Technician Work You Can Expect to Perform After Becoming Certified

What does an entry-level EKG Technician do?

EKG Technicians perform basic EKGs, Holter monitoring, 12-lead placement and treadmills stress tests. They assist physicians in diagnosing and treating cardiac and blood vessel irregularities.

To take a basic EKG, which traces electrical impulses transmitted by the heart, EKG Technicians attach electrodes to a patient’s chest, arms, legs, and then manipulate switches on an EKG machine to obtain a reading.

EKG Technicians with advanced training perform Holter monitor and stress testing. For Holter monitoring, EKG Technicians place electrodes on the patient’s chest and attach a portable EKG monitor to the patient’s belt which records the heart’s activity for 24-48 hours.

EKG tests can reveal evidence of a heart attack or heart disease. They can also give clues about heart birth defects, problems with heart valves, muscles and pericardial sacs, irregular heartbeats, artery blockages and heart failure.

Patient interaction and care is also an important aspect of EKG Technician work. An EKG Technician will discuss the procedure with a patient. Additionally, they will also help the patient keep calm during an EKG test to provide accurate results.

A comprehensive EKG Technician Course will provides students with the critical skills to prepare them for EKG Technician certification (such as Certified EKG Technician, CET) and then later perform successful EKG Technician work.

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