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EKG Technician Graduate Spotlight #1

EKG Technician Graduate Jennifer Parson’s, like many students at BAMA Institute, was looking for a career change.  “I was a professional belly dancer for a few years, and I was once in a national commercial.”

After acting (something she still enjoys), and an unfulfilling spell working in retail, Jennifer decided she wanted to train for a healthcare career. “I wrote out what I was good at and enjoyed doing, and realized I’d be a great doctor,” she says. “I’ve been working my way into the medical field ever since.”

Jennifer worked throughout her EKG Technician training, but she found a way to study and keep the money coming in. “I was able to take most of the work days I needed off, and then a couple of nights when I was really needed I was allowed to come in late.”

Jennifer’s dedication paid off when she graduated a certified EKG Technician. “I had a great teacher and classmates. The mix of lectures and labs was perfect.”

Working as an EKG Technician

After graduating, Jennifer was hired as a Lab Technician working for Preventice Solutions, a healthcare employer that provides services and technologies that simplify remote patient monitoring. “I receive remote EKGs, then I sort them, measure them, label them, and put them in full report form.”

It’s a job that’s ideal for Jennifer as she keeps her eye on another healthcare career goal. “I like the trust from my coworkers and managers and the autonomy of working from home, which was a bonus after working at the California location for six months and then having to move to Las Vegas. I’m so happy I can work remotely. Now I can get back on financial track and apply to medical school again next year.”

Jennifer’s delight in taking on fresh challenges is a lesson for us all. “I love to learn new things. I’m currently reading a book on the many different forms of philosophy through the ages, while reviewing physics and organic chemistry to retake the MCAT. I also signed up for a Kung Fu class to give me a goal to help get in shape, and a knife skills class for cooking, so I’ll start saving more money by cooking at home. As a middle-aged woman, I know it’s never too late to learn something new!”

As for other people thinking of trying training for a healthcare career, Jennifer has this to say: “It’s totally worth it!”

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