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Nursing Assistant or Phlebotomy Training?

Picture of a healthcare worker with training and proficiency in both Nursing and Phlebotomy assisting her patient in a wheelchair.

If you’re considering nursing assistant or phlebotomy training, how about training to be both a Phlebotomist and a Nursing Assistant? 

With both nursing assistant and phlebotomy training under your belt, you can be a more marketable healthcare professional on the job market.

The Increased Scope of Practice of a Nursing Assistant with Phlebotomy Skills

Your decision doesn’t have to be nursing assistant or phlebotomy training when you’re thinking about training for a healthcare career. Completing both nursing assistant and phlebotomy training can be a pathway to healthcare career with more options.

Both nursing assistant and phlebotomy training compliment each other perfectly. Phlebotomy training provides medical procedure skills. And nursing assistant training provides non-medical procedure healthcare skills. Put both of these skill-sets together and a healthcare worker has an opportunity to work in a variety of healthcare settings.

With phlebotomy training, a student learns blood drawing techniques and specimen collection. With these medical procedure skills, a Phlebotomist can work in healthcare settings such as a medical office, clinic, laboratory, or hospital. However, a newly certified Phlebotomist may have difficulty finding a job when some healthcare employers require candidates to have 1-2 years blood draw experience.

But what if that same Phlebotomist was also a Certified Nursing Assistant? With non-medical procedure healthcare skills training, a Phlebotomist can also work as Nursing Assistant in hospital acute care teams, long-term care facilities, and healthcare centers. 

Additionally, a healthcare worker with nursing assistant and phlebotomy training can not only can work in both of these fields, but they can also apply for other job opportunities.

For instance, in some states, Patient Care Associates, under the supervision of a Registered Nurse or other professional staff, can perform many of the same duties as Certified Nursing Assistant as well as some basic medical duties, such as phlebotomy.

Nursing Assistant or Phlebotomy Training? Why Not Choose Both?

If at the moment, you’d rather train to become a Phlebotomist, you can do that and then think about doubling up on your healthcare skills with nursing assistant training later.

Or vice versa.

However, if nursing assistant (or phlebotomy) training isn’t for you, not a problem.

The point is you have options.

You have choice to make your healthcare career be whatever you want it to be.

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