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Balancing School Life with Family and Work

A Group of students, Teachers and parents posing for a group picture at the BAMA Institute.

Balancing school life with family and work can be difficult for parents.

It can take superhero powers to get everything done.

However, more parents are taking up the challenge of going back to school to train for a new career than ever before.

Can you be a similar real-life superhero?

To help you on your way, here are some thoughts and resources on balancing school life with family and work.

Create a Schedule That Works for You

Time is a precious commodity when you’re going back to school as a working parent.

One helpful idea to ensure you make the most of the time available to you is to create a weekly schedule that balances out all things you have to do.

When you’re planning your schedule it’s helpful to set yourself achievable goals. You don’t want to over commit yourself. If your schedule would be too much for two people to handle, let alone one person, the chances are you won’t meet your goals. Try not to set yourself up for failure. The aim is to have a schedule you’ll be able to stick to.

When you’re writing in your schedule, balancing your school life with your home life, don’t forget to also allow some fun time for yourself and with your family. Studies have shown that not allowing for leisure time in your life can be physically and mentally damaging. So how about practicing yoga? Listening to music? Meditating? Exercise? Taking your children to the park? All of these activities can be potential stress-busters providing added life balance.

Going Back to School Is a Positive Step in Your Life

Choosing to go back to school can mean giving up something in your life, such as working less hours or spending less time with friends and loved ones.

It’s been pointed out that students with children may feel guilty going back to school because they’re spending less time with their children.

If this could be the case for you, remember why you’re choosing to go back to school in the first place. Remind yourself how training for a new career will help you and your family in the future. That temporary challenges are worth the struggle.

Studies and news stories have demonstrated repeatedly that higher education leads to many benefits in the long-term, including higher pay over one’s lifetime.

Adult learning opens up doors to valuable career opportunities.

So while going back to school can be challenging for working parents, in the long run adult learning makes a positive impact in a person’s life.

Resources to Help Balancing School Life Easier

If you’re a working parent and going back to school is on high on your list of things to do, here are some resources to help make balancing school life with your work and family easier.


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