Nursing Assistant Qualities You Will Need

Nursing Assistant Qualities Certain Nursing Assistant qualities can establish a deeper caregiver-patient connection.

Often patients are struggling to adapt to a new life that involves coping with injury, illness, or disability.

A patient may not only be experiencing pain and discomfort, but also emotions of frustration, anger, depression, denial, and resentment.

During Nursing Assistant training, it’s useful for a student to think about ways to assist future patients make demanding and stressful temporary or permanent life transitions.

Certain Nursing Assistant qualities can help a patient feel their in good hands.

Nursing Assistant Qualities That Help Build an Emotional Connection with a Patient

A Nursing Assistant student can think about building an emotional connection with future patients by demonstrating and developing these qualities:


Communication is at the heart of a Nursing Assistant and patient relationship. With effective communication, a Nursing Assistant can provide the level of support a patient needs in their life. Listening and asking appropriate questions is a way for a Nursing Assistant to ensure they’re recognizing a patient’s needs and feelings.


Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. Can you related to a patient during difficult and trying times? A Nursing Assistant who demonstrates empathy will effectively address a patient’s worries and struggles.


Think about your or your family’s best experiences within the healthcare system. Was the healthcare worker courteous? Were feelings acknowledged? A Nursing Assistant who can show respectfulness when providing patient care is greatly appreciated. They become a healthcare worker patient’s feel comfortable with and one that they trust.


Nursing Assistant work can be stressful, especially when a patient is learning how to cope with their medical condition. During this time, it’s important for a Nursing Assistant to show compassion for their patient’s circumstances, allowing them time to make what may be big life adjustments, while also being patient with the process.

It takes a special kind of person to work in healthcare.

Working as a Nursing Assistant is no exception.

Can you see yourself becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant who connects with their patient on a more personal and emotional level?

If you can do that, you’ll be able to help a patient with necessary physical and psychological adjustments in their life.